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диван финский мурманск купить

Get the tools you need to build apps for Microsoft HoloLens and Windows Mixed Reality immersive headsets. There is no separate SDK for Windows Mixed Reality development; you'll use Visual Studio with the Windows 10 SDK.

Don't have a mixed reality device? You can install the HoloLens emulator to build mixed reality apps without a HoloLens. You can also use the Windows Mixed Reality simulator to test your mixed reality apps for immersive headsets.

Your system must support Hyper-V for the Emulator installation to succeed. Please reference the system requirements section below for details. Install Unity 2017.4 Last known release : 2017.4.1f1 issued April 6th, 2018 The Unity engine is an easy way to get started building a holographic app . 

'N' versions of Windows : immersive (VR) headsets are not supported on 'N' versions of Windows Install Visual Studio 2017 Install Visual Studio 2017 with the Windows 10 April 2018 Update SDK

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