Диван на распродаже уценили на 70 процентов

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диван на распродаже уценили на 70 процентов

Russians commonly live in apartments rather than detached suburban housing that is common across many western countries. The main reason for this is that so many apartment blocks were built by the Soviet government. Apartment blocks are generally designed to have easy access to public transport, and generally have shared utility services such as centralised heating and hot water.

Many Russians also have access to a country holiday house, often on the outskirts of the city. These houses are known as ‘dachas’ (да́ча), and form an important part of Russian culture. It is estimated that about a quarter of Russian families living in large cities have dachas. Generally dachas are only used in summer due to lack of heating. It is common for Russians to have fruit and vegetable gardens at their dacha.

The aim of this lesson is to introduce the vocabulary that you will need when you are in a Russian home. This Russian lesson will simply include a list of vocabulary and sample sentences of each word. Try to memorise all the Russian words. Also practice using them in context by reading the sentences out loud.

Note: Some sentences may be a little advanced for you. There are still some concepts in Russian you have not learnt. Don’t worry! The aim of this lesson is to learn the vocabulary. We think it is best to see the words used in a real context, but there will be more grammar in later lessons.

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